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Auteur Discussion: Pasar un nivel - Problema con los objectivos  (Lu 2235 fois)
Ven 06 Sep 2013, 00:48
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I'm sorry but I'm going to write in english. Writing the title already take me 5 min.

I'm level 2. To go to level 3, I need that :

and I don't understand because I have that :

I cleared the caches, try the profile to repair, it's still not recognized.

Maybe I don't understand something, I didn't speack spanich since years.

(I can receive the answer in spanich, I'll translate it with my friend google)

Thank you for your help
Réponse #1 Ven 06 Sep 2013, 20:57
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Ok, 24h later, I tried everything, and at the end I found. I had to wear the clothes. If it was written in spanish, I didn't understand that.

My apologies for the inconveniences
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